Standalone Workbook

Verbal Skills

In collaboration with XLEducation, I’m thrilled to share my new 11+ Workbook.

A Standalone Workbook Based on Tangled Time

11+ Vocabulary, Comprehension and Verbal Skills – Workbook 1 (Standalone and suitable for ALL 11+ exam boards, SATs and entrance tests.) In collaboration with XLEducation.

  • Over 1000 Verbal Ability Questions and Answers
  • 21 Worksheets and 21 Timed Revision Tests
  • 21 Comprehension Exercises
  • Over 25 Question Types (mainly MCQ format)
  • Suitable for all 11+ Exam Boards
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This STANDALONE workbook, based on The Cadwaladr Quests – Tangled Time, aims to develop and enhance a range of key verbal ability skills, including vocabulary, comprehension, cloze, spelling, shuffled sentences, word definitions, anagrams and more.

While we based this workbook on The Cadwaladr Quests – Tangled Time, it functions as a fully independent workbook for 11+ verbal practice. However, if used with the novel, the learning and retention of the vocabulary may be even more effective.

We hope you enjoy this workbook and the extensive question types (selected from multiple exam boards, including CEM and GL) help with all your verbal skills preparation.

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look inside novel page 1