The Cadwaladr Quests

A series of vocabulary novels and workbooks for the 11+ and SATs.

Books with a built-in dictionary on every page.

About the Author

Sheena Ager, also known as S. L. Ager, enhances children’s literacy with her unique ‘Vocabulary Novels’. Spanning seven engaging titles across the best-selling The Cadwaladr Chronicles and Quests series, these fantasy-adventure stories cater to year four and five students’ vocabulary needs, inspired by her own children’s grammar school experiences in Reading, Berkshire. UK tuition centres and independent schools now use the books as part of their curriculum.

Ager specifically crafted ‘Tangled Time’, the initial offering aimed at year five students, for her son, a reluctant reader preparing for the 11+ exams. Its immediate success spawned The Cadwaladr Quests, a three-book serial supplemented by workbooks developed with Education Boutique and XLEducation, to enhance students’ comprehension and creative writing skills.

In response to demands for younger reader material, Ager authored The Cadwaladr Chronicles, a four-book prequel series for year four students, recently concluded with the finale, ‘Escape’.

Several novels now feature ‘KNOWLEDGE NUGGETS’, providing clear, on-page explanations of literary devices, inferential questions and punctuation usage to enhance learning. Ager plans to update all novels with these educational tools.

Ager also runs free weekly online sessions, supporting her readers through tricky SPaG, inference and vocabulary questions, emphasising a relaxed learning atmosphere. Additionally, within her thriving Facebook group, containing nearly 8,000 members, parents are encouraged to upload their children’s work (anon if they choose). Here, Ager’s community of tutors and teachers can critique it for free, offering a collaborative and supportive environment for enhancing children’s writing skills.

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