Tangled Time

Book 1

The first novel in the best-selling series along with the comprehension and creative writing workbook and the vocabulary revision notebook.

Tangled Time – The Novel 2nd Edition

The first of the Amazon best-selling 11+, SATs and ISEB Vocabulary Novels – books with a built-in dictionary on every page. The series focuses on vocabulary practice and is written specifically for all types of 11+, SATs and independent school entrance exams, including Key stage 3.

The Story

Claire and Ben are ordinary schoolchildren, their lives predictable until the day everything changes – forever. Claire finds a mysterious letter beckoning her to a peculiar destination – alone. Her sister is in danger. She must take Jack the dog and not tell anyone, even Ben.

Little does she know she’s stepping into a world of ancient legends, guided by twelfth-century knights who should, ordinarily, be long dead. Knights who wear trainers, pilot planes, perform martial arts and manipulate time, yet they need Claire’s help.

Crawling through tunnels, scaling treacherous mountains, combating evil and betrayal, Claire must face her deepest fears and discover her remarkable hidden talents. In this new world of spies, lies, premonitions and magic, who can Claire trust?

As the quest to protect a powerfully dangerous artefact unfolds, Claire learns how much is at stake. If she fails, the devastating consequences are too unbearable to consider…

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How to Use the Novel

On every page, key words are in bold, and each has a correlating footnote with a concise definition. The words are defined using the context in which they appear in the text, and definitions are as child-friendly as possible.

Chosen key words are defined only once, when they first appear in the story. Synonyms and antonyms are also provided, and these can be directly swapped into the text to further build vocabulary, although some words do not have antonyms if they do not exist. The vocabulary becomes more complex as the story progresses and then eases in the latter chapters.

Tangled Time – The Workbook. 2nd Edition

co-written with Education Boutique

This Workbook assists children in developing and consolidating a range of skills, including writing, comprehension, spelling, punctuation, grammar, reasoning and vocabulary (includes a removable marking guide and writing checklists for students’ self-assessment).

For each chapter, there is a Short Writing Task, a Long Writing Task and a Comprehension. Certain chapters contain extension/scholarship questions.

The 2nd edition of the Cadwaladr Quests: Tangled supporting, comprehension, creative writing, SPaG and verbal reasoning workbook is now available here: amzn.to/464Eqkl

2nd Edition. What’s New?

  • Updated question types.
  • More questions (better value for money).
  • New ‘multiple answer’ comprehension question types similar to those in the Sutton tests.
  • More reasoning-style questions.
  • Unique – the first ever workbook to follow a Vocabulary Novel (which contains KNOWLEDGE NUGGETS) chapter by chapter, thus improving VOCABULARY, COMPREHENSION AND SPAG (it must be used with The Cadwaladr Quests: Tangled time).
  • Perfect for super-selective schools (as used by top private London schools).
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Tangled Time – The Notebook

co-written with Education Boutique

A broad vocabulary is crucial for academic success. If possible, start early and take it slowly. This spacious A4 notebook contains hundreds of tailor-made spaces for children to write their own personalised but accurate definitions along with synonyms and antonyms and a fun or memorable sentence to help the new words stick.

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