Cat's Eye

Book 3

The third novel in the best-selling trilogy.

Cat's Eye

The third of the Amazon best-selling 11+, SATs and ISEB Vocabulary Novels – books with a built-in dictionary on every page. The series focuses on vocabulary practice and is written specifically for all types of 11+, SATs and independent school entrance exams, including Key stage 3.

The Story

The Master is dead. The Knights Hawk ail. Jayne Lewis is free. Day four of Claire’s Instinctive life brings peril, betrayal, regrets and revelations. When Ben vanishes, Claire finds there is only one person left she can trust – herself. Thrust into mountain tempests, facing overwhelming firepower and deep deception, Claire has just twenty-four hours to succeed. In this new world of spies, lies, premonitions and magic, Claire must cast aside her self-doubt and rely on her Instinct to save her friends. As the quest to reunite the Gwalch Gem and Welsh gold unfolds, can Claire and Ben outwit the new Master and save the Knights Hawk in time? And will they ever return home again?

Look Inside
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How to Use the Novel

On every page, key words are in bold, and each has a correlating footnote with a concise definition. The words are defined using the context in which they appear in the text, and definitions are as child-friendly as possible.

Chosen key words are defined only once, when they first appear in the story. Synonyms and antonyms are also provided, and these can be directly swapped into the text to further build vocabulary, although some words do not have antonyms if they do not exist. The vocabulary becomes more complex as the story progresses and then eases in the latter chapters.